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August 6-7, 2011


2011_Indy_Top_20NOBLESVILLE, IN. – The 2011 Future 150 Camp series jumped off to a fast start post AAU season as is rolled into Indiana looking for the next “Larry Bird”. Players from 4 states showed up to showcase their talent at the Noblesville Boys & Girls Club looking to make a name for themselves.  The players participated for 2 days and let’s take a look at the top performers from the camp.


Treivon Boyd-(2013-Anderson High) the 6-foot-4 inch SF was a force inside and out. He was able to beat players his size off the dribble and post smaller players.  His size is deceiving because of the soft touch around the rim and perimeter. As he continues to work on transforming body, opponents will have their hands full.


Chris Lemon-(2013-Anderson High) the 5-foot-10 inch CG decided not to play AAU this past summer to improve his game. The training sessions worked as Lemon showed an array of skills.  He put on a shooting display knocking down five straight 3-pointers and showing his range, pulling up from 25-feet several times. Whenever he was not shooting the ball, Lemon demonstrated excellent court vision in the open floor.


Cory Womack-(2013-Indiana Thunder) the 6-foot-4 inch SF may not know how to write a music note but he can fill it up on the basketball court. His face up game was slicing through the net like his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame father, Bobby Womack, whose music topped the charts. Womack rebound’s the ball well and finishes around the rim when attacking.  He is a solid all-around player.


KyleKyle Aiton-(2013-FHBC Thunder) the 6-foot-2 inch SG showed one of the nicest jump shots with a quick release the camp has seen in the 3 years it has been on tour.  He is a pure shooter and that might be an under statement. The guard was a threat any time the ball found him. He quickly was nicknamed “Jimmer Fredette” by his fellow campers. Aiton handles the ball well and showed not only is he a big time scorer but might have been the most unselfish player in the camp.


Jordan Garnett-(2014-Indiana Elite) the 6-foot-5 inch PF is a long and wiry player who showed good athleticism around the rim.  He runs the floor well and has great hands. Garnett timing is impeccable on defense blocking shots of the player he was defending as well from the back side. His face-up ability made him a tough player to defend on the offensive end. He is also relentless on both ends of the floor grabbing every rebound he got his hand on.  Look for big things next summer from Garnett.


Malik Roberson-(2014-Indy Blue Chips) the 5-foot-10 inch CG is very physical player who can penetrate and finish at the rim with contact. He has the athleticism to guard both guard positions on the floor.  He shoots the ball well from mid and long range. If Roberson keeps improving his handles, he’s going to be tough to stop.


Braxton Miller-(2015-MBA Select) the 6-foot-1 inch SG is a Future 150 alumni who has worked on his game a lot since last summer.  He is a skilled all-around combo guard who is a strong tough defender.  His ball handling is solid enough to run a team.  He can score on all three levels and has the athleticism to play and guard both guard positions.  celebrity nude If Miller continues on this path you will see him on the next level.


Taylor Chilton-(2013-Indy EBC) the 6-foot-4 inch PF is a big body post player who eats up space. He showed an interior presence to go along with a mid-range game from 15-feet.  Chilton rebound’s the ball extremely well on both ends of the floor.  He also showed a very high basketball IQ and was very coachable.  F150 YouTube Highlights


James Volovic-(2013-Indy Eagles) the 6-foot-1 inch SG was one of the top shooters in the camp for the second year in a row.  Volovic like his brother is a F150 alumni.008  He showed improved ball handling skills and is a relentless competitor.  He can get to the rim and takes advantage of defenders not respecting his long range shot making abilities. He’s a coach’s dream on and off the court.  F150 Camp Highlights


Michael Volovic-(2013-EG10) the 5-foot-10 inch PG is a solid floor general and a coach on the floor.  He is a hard-nosed on ball defender who has improved his body with weights from last summer. His basketball IQ is stellar along with open, half and full court vision.  This F150 alumni can get to the rim and finish with the best of them while taking contact.  Volovic showed off his athleticism by blocking a big man’s shot who drew the camper’s attention.   F150 Camp Highlights


Dwight Richards- (2013-Indy Eagles) the 6-foot-5 inch PF is an agile big bodied interior player. He showed good footwork in the post but is capable of knocking down open jumper.  He lesbian porn pics rebounds the ball well on both ends of the floor.  Richards can guard a 3 front court players on defense.


Jabar Ray-(2013-Indy Thunder) the 5-foot-10 inch PG is a crafty left-handed guard, who sees the floor well and is always looking for an open teammate. He can score on all 3 levels and can guard both guard positions on the floor.  Ray might have been one of most outspoken leaders in the camp. If you your looking for a smooth lefty porn cartoon Ray’s your guy.


TJ Henderson-(2015-Indy Blaze) the 5-foot-10 in SG is a baby-faced assassin from mid range which you don’t really see at his age. His range on his 3-point shot is deep and will only improve over time.  Henderson has a high basketball IQ and always seemed to make the right pass to an open teammate.


Quentin Goodin- (2016-Kentucky Elite Kings) the 6-foot-inch PG was the only eighth grader at the camp and you could see quickly why he deserved to be there.  This long lanky player handled the ball well and seemingly made all the right passes.  He proved he can knock down the mid range jumper with consistency.  He rebound’s the ball really well from the PG position.  This is not your typical 8th grader, Goodin will black porn be starting on his varsity team this fall.


Dante Butler-(2013-Indy EBC) the 6-foot-1 mobile porn videos inch G was considered “Mr. Hustle” of the camp. His high motor and relentless work ethic kept him around the basket for scoring opportunities.  Butler was the most consistent rebounder in the camp and got every loose ball.  His attacking style of play made him tough to defend as he scored in the open floor.


015Chew Brown III (2014-Quin Chapel Cougars) the 6-foot-2 inch CG is a long athletic player who can handle the rock and make his teammates better.  His mid-range game and ability to get to the basket are strong assets.  He rebound’s the ball extremely well from the guard position.  The F150 alumni showed improvement in his long range game knocking down 3-point shots all weekend long.


Jory Woodson-(2013-Team Swoosh STL) showed ability to handle pressure slicing through the defense when attacking the rim. He knocked down the mid and long range jumper with consistency.  As a tough nose defender, lesbian videos Woodson was one of the top defenders in the camp.


Greenan Sullivan-(2015-St.Joesph) the 5-foot-9 inch PG knows how to run a team with leadership ability. His open court vision and play making ability at this age is hard to find. He is a buy zithromax good shooter from mid range and can get to the rim and finish.  Sullivan is one to keep an eye on as his game develops.


Garrett Dick-(2014-Indy Kings) the 5-foot-10 inch SG showed the canning ability to get to the basket of the bounce and in the open court. Has a nice stroke from the perimeter and was a solid defender.  He showed a high IQ and loves to play the game.


Rashad Wallace-(2014-Lamar’s Room) the 5-foot-10 inch CG came prescription drugs on strong toward the end of the weekend. He demonstrated ability to finish aggressively at the basket while seeing the open pass in the half court.  Wallace made several big shots from the 3-point line as 5-on-5 play closed in day 2.  He was a relentless competitor and there is something to be said about a player that never gives up on a play.


Devin Granger-(2014-Indiana Elite) the 5-foot-10 inch PG handles the ball well in the open floor and sees the floor well.  He showed and gay porn nice mid range game and can finish on the break.  He has the ability to play both guard positions and is a nice floor general.


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